Answer these questions by writing a comment to this post. Try to answer all four questions:

1. What is a hero?

2. How do everyday people become heroes?

3. How have your ideas about heroes changed during this expedition?

4. What was one memorable part of this expedition? What did you find most interesting, exciting, or intriguing?


The Giver

Now that you have finished reading, discussing, and analyzing The Giver, blog a response to this question:

Would you consider Jonas to be a hero? Explain.

Heroes have many qualities in common. As you have started researching your hero, you have probably started to identify some of those qualities. Read the two summaries below. Each person listed has had their name changed to protect their identity. After reading the two entries, blog about your thoughts on any or all of these questions:

1. Which person is a hero?
2. What heroic qualities does that person have?
3. How did this person become a hero?
4. Who do you think these people are?

Alan’s mother died at a young age. Even though his father didn’t want him to be an artist, Alan disobeyed his father and applied to art school, but he failed the admissions test twice. As a young adult, he had very strong opinions and spoke out about them. Because of this, he had few friends. When World War I began, Alan enlisted in the army. During the conflict, he was gassed, wounded, and received a medal for his bravery. Following World War I, Alan entered politics and eventually became the leader of a powerful nation.

Adam was poor as a child and had little formal schooling (he didn’t go to school often). One of his first businesses was as a store owner, but that business failed. He was in serious debt, and he became a mailman to pay his bills. Falling in love, he proposed to his girlfriend, Ann, but she turned him down. Even though he didn’t go to school often, he taught himself grammar and law. He decided to try to run for public office, but he lost most of the elections. Eventually, he won an election and became the leader of a powerful nation.

Based on the kick off that we had a few weeks ago, how have your opinions about heroes changed?

Based on the kick off and your kick off reflections, how do everyday people become heroes?

What is a Hero?

What do you think a hero is? Based on the kick off and your kick off reflection, write what you think a hero is.

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